For us, it is not enough to simply organise study and travel abroad programmes just to learn the language. We want our clients to get to know the local culture and integrate with local people as much as possible. This is why we choose our programmes very carefully in order to ensure we deliver quality experiences.

We have operated as an inbound language travel company in UK/Ireland since 2008 and prior to that we were working abroad ourselves marketing study abroad programmes for European students.

We love to travel and we truly believe that it is always a good idea to be able to speak another language. The experience of learning on a study abroad programme offers so much more than just perfecting language skills: it is a truly different type of holiday experience, allowing participants to integrate further into the local culture and make friendships that often last a lifetime.

We are a small local company and we believe we look after our clients extremely well. If you don´t find what you are looking for on our site get in touch because we are also very good at providing tailor-made proposals for individual requests. Talk to us today and let us find you a learning holiday you will remember!