Location: Spain / Madrid, Seville & Malaga
Dates: Available throughout the year ​
Age Range: Aged 21+

This is an immersion + programme, especially for participants looking for a full integration programme but with the added advantage of 1-1 private tuition during the stay with the host family.

Our host families for this programme are teachers of Spanish and their families and will offer 15 or 20 lessons per week as requested.​

Otherwise this is total immersion programme offering the participant the opportunity to fully integrate into the day to day life of a family, learn a lot of Spanish and discover so much more about the local area, people and customs. The programme is available in different areas: Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona and Malaga.

One of the advantages of this programme is that it is probably the most intensive way to advance Spanish language practice in a short space of time. The host families are very carefully selected and are caring and welcoming, most of them with teenage children at home, and all of them keen to share their culture with a visitor.

Classes will be held in the morning or afternoons depending on family plans and activities. For the rest of the day the participant might find that this includes activities such as food shopping, going out to buy the bread for lunch, visiting other family members, and perhaps the opportunity to meet some of the family friends. There will also be time to explore independently.

What's Included

  • Own room in the family home on a full-board basis
  • 15 or 20 Spanish lessons per week with teacher as requested
  • Contact with a local representative
  • 2 cultural outings per week with the Spanish host family
  • Other activity options: beach trips, swimming pool, outings with family members, etc
  • 24/7 support from Island Abroad

Not Included

  • Entrance tickets to museums and public transport tickets
  • Spending money
  • Medical insurance
  • Flights

Additional Notes

  1. Participants can request a preference of region but this will depend on availability
  2. Participants should have a conversational level of Spanish in order to benefit from this programme
  3. Arrival airports: Depends on the local of the host family.
  4. Arrivals and departures: Prices are calculated based on Sunday arrival and Saturday departure and flights should be booked to arrive no later than 10pm in destination or depart no earlier from destination than 9.30am

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