Location: Spain / Sevilla
Dates: Start dates 2024: 04/03, 18/03, 08/04, 06/05, 03/06, 23/09, 14/10, 04/11
Age Range: 50+

This course is particularly recommended for mature adults (normally 50+) looking for a different sort of holiday, an opportunity to meet new people while learning Spanish in one of the the most important and beautiful cities in Spain.  Add to this a fantastic range of cultural activities and this is certainly an adventure that would appeal to many people wishing to experience a truly immersive experience.

As the capital of Andalucia, Sevilla has a rich history, captivating architecture and rich cultural heritage.  For this week-long programme Spanish classes are held in the mornings from 09.15h-13.00h and the cultural programme is held in the afternoons/evenings.  Activities include guided visits to emblematic buildings in the city, wine tasting, paella making, flamenco workshops and much more.

There is also the option to coincide your stay with one of the major events in Sevilla that happen annually such as Semana Santa (Easter) or Feria (Fair).

Participants on the programme normally choose to stay in private apartments located right within the old town  only 10 minutes walk from school. However the course can also be arranged without accommodation for those that wish to travel independently.

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